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Be ready to help in an emergency | Solutions Trauma


Friday 09 January 2009



Be ready to help in an emergency

Having the knowledge, but also the training, to react in the event of a hostile event is essential. But having a minimum of equipment close at hand on the day it is needed is a big plus and will certainly make a difference as well. Optimal efficiency is obtained, what is called the efficiency triangle, by cultivating a continuum of knowledge, know-how and equipment validated by the field; All in an individual capable of acting> "Mens sana in corpore sano" + minimum equipment.

Well equipped to deal with accidents or events

Être prêt à (se) secourir en cas d'urgence | Solutions Trauma  

It is obvious that taking the right kit everywhere and all the time requires discipline and a change of mentality. You have to shift your mind, which operates on the principle of an optimistic bias, to the precautionary principle, which means that you remain prepared for the worst, while living the moment fully, in both professional and private contexts.


It requires a certain discipline of the mind which, over time, will become a conditioning, a way of being. A minimum kit will be adapted to the context - pro or private: it will not be heavy or bulky and it should contain the minimum for maximum effect.


The kit of an adventurer, a policeman, a citizen, or a security guard will already be able to get its owner out of a lot of embarrassment, provided of course that it is at hand.

Be sure to choose a "discreet" and "comfortable" way to get started with the idea of a permanent carry. A kit that is too heavy, poorly conditioned or bulky will quickly be left in the bottom of a bag, in the trunk of the car or in the drawer of the house.



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