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Collective Survival First Aid Kit

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The Collective Survival First AId Kit is designed to provide first aid to several victims of trauma, but also to in case of minor injuries or discomfort…

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Long presentation of Collective Survival Medical Kit

The Collective Survival Medical Kit is a kit designed to provide first aid to 1 up to 4 victims of trauma (firearms, explosions, bladed weapons, sharp or perforating objects, etc.), but also to provide first aid for minor wounds or in case of illness…


The Collective Kit provides the first responder with the essentials to stop massive hemorrhage, to stop major deep bleeding with a wound packing, to compress secondary bleeding, to seal chest wounds, to avoid hypothermia, to improvise dressings, to protect yourself during the operation and to give the alert.

This Collective First Aid Kit can be used either vertically by hanging it or horizontally.

It can be inserted in a backpack, a messenger bag or stored in a vehicle. It is made of 1000 DEN Cordura nylon.


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Contents collectif first aid kit : CFAK Roll-Up

Massive Hémorragie :

SWAT Tourniquet (3)

Compressed gauze HH (3,7m X 10 cm) (3)



Air/Respiration :

Sterile swabs (4)

Russel Chest Seal 


Circulation/Hypothermie :

Pressure bandage (width: 10 cm) (3)

Isothermal blanket (3)


Et tout le reste :

Nitrile gloves (18)

Sterile compresses 7,5cmX7,5cm (6)

Face shield for CPR (2)

Cambric bandages (3)

Isothermal blanket (2)

Micropore adhesive roll (1)

Triangular bandage (2)

Jesco scissors (1)

Duct tape

Physiodose (X4)

Specifications collectif first aid kit : CFAK Roll-Up

Weight: 2,6 kg

Dimensions :

Closed : 27 x 20 x 10 cm

Complete kit sold with its specific trauma pouch

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