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» Who are we ?
Rescue kits designed by professionals

Who are we ?

Friday 09 January 2009


Rescue kits professionnally designed for everyone and everywhere


What does Solutions Trauma® offer ?

Our IFAK/CFAK are designed by professionals in the field : SOLUTIONS TRAUMA® rescue kits are used by soldiers, police officers, members of NGOs, security guards, explorers and adventurers, sportsmen and women in the wilderness, lumberjacks and many other professions, but also by a growing group of citizens. Women and men who have understood that violent events, accidents, natural or unnatural disasters are by nature unpredictable and that on the day when everything turns upside down, having a little knowledge, but also a little bit of very specific equipment can make the difference for themselves, one of their own or others.



Presentation of Solutions Trauma®


Founded in 2012, CELOPS is a consulting and operational support company for the benefit of governmental and non-governmental organizations, private companies and businesses, scientific or adventure expeditions. Specialized in the field medical support, Celops is able to provide operational support for small units deployed in remote/wilderness areas, hostile or volatile zones or in degraded environments.


Very quickly, we began developing our own IFAK for our customers and their specific missions. It is the fruit of these years spent in operations rescuing, training and equipping thousands of operators from very different organizations and operating in extremely varied contexts, both geographical and safety-wise, that defines the DNA of the SOLUTIONS TRAUMA® range of specific first aid kits.

  Kits de secours conçus par des professionnels | Solutions Trauma


In 2020, Celops®, with its experience in medical logistic support for operators deployed all over the world, launches its own brand of rescue kits for sale to individuals, professional or private use: SOLUTIONS TRAUMA®.

 Trademark registered SOLUTIONS TRAUMA® breaks new ground, pushes back codes, and is full of innovative ideas, offering practical, realistic, effective and high-quality solutions. On the market, SOLUTIONS TRAUMA® is probably the most specialized brand in its field today.


The experience of Solutions Trauma® in IFAK/CFAK

We are proud of the path we have covered, because it is the result of intense experiences and discussions, meetings with many professionals from all walks of life and a lot of hard work. But what motivates us every day in this quest for perfection is the knowledge that the uniqueness, the spirit, the solidity, the compactness and the features of our IFAK/CFAK have convinced many people, who adopt it and carry it everywhere, every day, in any context, in order to be ready to rescue someone (themselves if needed) at the very first second if necessary.

Joël Schuermans et Patrice de Harlez

Founders of Solutions Trauma®


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