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RUSSELL vented chest seal

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A must-have in your Advanced Medical Kit, the Vented Chest seal will allow management of open chest wounds to avoid tension pneumothorax.

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Long presentation Russell Vented Chest Seal®

The Russell Chest Seal® is a non-occlusive, vented chest seal, designed to cover a penetrating chest wound.

The Russell Chest Seal® has a low-profile valve mechanism, constructed from a thin yet tough material, which is unique in ensuring that trapped air can escape the pleural cavity, without being drawn back into the wound again. Using this expertly designed chest seal helps to minimise the chances of lung collapse, whilst simultaneously encouraging lung re-inflation. Made using highly adhesive and strong hydrogel, the Russell Chest Seal® is strong, long-lasting, and can adhere to all skin types for long lasting durations. Yet, although highly adhesive, this chest seal remains extremely flexible, and able to be moulded to various shapes of a patients body. 






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RUSSEL chest seal  Specifications

Storage dimension : 13 cm x 15 cm

Weight: 42 g

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