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individual first aid kit-Travel IFAK
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Travel IFAK 2.0

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The Travel is an ingenious IFAK specially designed for all types of travelers and adventurers. The new version allows you to carry a tourniquet directly accessible in case of need.


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10 years of experience
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CE standards garanteed
Designed & made in Belgium


Description of the Travel IFAK 2.0 first aid kit

In addition to the material for serious traumatic injuries and the carrying of a "tactical" tourniquet, the Travel IFAK has a compartment for your own personal first aid kit with everything you think you should carry for yourself and your companions, depending on your needs and your destination.

In addition, the new version can be worn on a belt and has a fully autonomous MOLLE attachment system.

The Travel IFAK is a specially designed for all types of travelers, adventurers in all destinations.

Road accident, accidental injury, aggression, attack, fall of a child... the possibilities exist and this IFAK is there to help.


This IFAK provides the essentials to stop a massive hemorrhage on a limb, perform a wound packing to control a major deep bleed, clear the airways, protect yourself during the intervention and/or during insufflations during CPR, avoid hypothermia and improvise an occlusive chest dressing.



Scissors, ballpoint pen, glow stick are not included in the IFAK







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Contents of the Individual Travel Kit

SWAT-T tourniquet (X1)

HH compressed gauze (3.7m X 10 cm)

Isothermal blanket (X1)

Nitrile gloves (X4)

Triangular bandage

Red metalic box  (bobology) :

  • CPR protective mask
  • Sterile compress
  • Woven adhesive tape
  • Plaster
  • Scissors
  • Triangular bandage
  • Mefix
  • Adhesive tape

Characteristics individual Travel IFAK first aid kit

Weight: 370 g

Dimensions : 13 x 10 x 6,5 cm

Sold complete with its pouch

Sold WITHOUT the "tactical" tourniquet

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