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RANGER Medic Kit

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This RANGER® emergency medical kit is designed to deal with the unexpected in the middle of the bush and is therefore perfectly suited for all your off-road adventures away from any assistance.

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10 years of experience
on the ground


CE standards garanteed
Designed & made in Belgium


Description of the RANGER® Medic Kit:

The RANGER® Medic Survival Kit is a Medic kit that allows you to have quality material  to save your own life or the one of a victim during a medical emergency situation


Designed from the numerous experiences of medical support for missions and expeditions accomplished by Joël Schuermans, the author of the reference book Secourir en Zone Hostile and a english version of the field guide on this topic


Initially designed for anti-poaching rangers, it was conceived with the most rigorous standards of use and natural contexts in mind. Designed for the extreme, ready for the everyday.


With a reduced size and a very reasonable weight, this individual survival medic kit provides, to the first person on the scene, professional or not, the essential to face a life threatening emergency following a serious wound.


This Ranger® medical kit allows you to deal with massive hemorrhage from the extremities or in the junctional areas not accessible to a tourniquet, basic airway obstruction, sealing an open chest wound and preventing hypothermia etc.


The high quality manufactured material is contained in a vacuum-sealed package to increased resistance to extreme environmental and optimal compactness.














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Contents of the RANGER® Medical Kit


Tourniquet SWAT-T

Compressed gauze

Steril swabs

OLAES 4ich flat pressure bandage

Emergency blanket

Duct tape

Jesco type scissors




Weight:                410 g

Dimensions:        15 x 10 x 7 cm

Packaging:           Double layer reinforced vaccum sealed bag

Opening:              Double pre-cut notches

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