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XT device
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XT Extraction Solution

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The XT Strap is a light, efficient, strong and comfortable way to hoist, extract or even "evac" a casualty in a variety of contexts, be it a tactical, natural or isolated environment.


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10 years of experience
on the ground


CE standards garanteed
Designed & made in Belgium


XT Traction solution

This multi-purpose rescue sling is exactly the kind of product we like to develop at Solutions Trauma.

It's simple, low-tech, durable and most importantly: effective.

Inside a MOLLE-equipped pouch that can be attached to any piece of equipment is a 6.5-meter long, high-strength tubular sling, stored under a sturdy elastic band.


The knot of the emergency extraction sling can be easily untied to have a 6,5 meter long strap. Highly resistant to weight, traction, abrasion and environmental conditions, this sling will allow you to pull an injured person with loss of mobility to the back of a shelter without exposing yourself to a direct threat.


But also, in a degraded context, to descend from a floor through a window or a destroyed staircase or even, as a last resort, without it being explicitly designed for that, improvise a harness to use a rescue rope.


The optional mountain-grade carabiner allows you to attach a heavy weight to the sling and pull it along. Whether it's an injured person, an unconscious person or a bag of equipment at the bottom of a gully, there are many uses for this 100% terrain tool and it will quickly become an essential part of your equipment. Lightweight, flexible, all-terrain and versatile, don't leave home without it.







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