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SICH tourniquet

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The SICH Tourniquet (Strengthened Individual Combat Hybryd Tourniquet) is a combination of the CAT Tourniquet and the SOFTT-W Tourniquet.

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SICH tourniquet promotional packs
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SICH tourniquet + OPERATOR Med Kit + SICH/CAT tourniquet pouch

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SICH Tourniquet (Strengthened Individual Combat Hybryd Tourniquet)


SICH-Tourniquet is a hybrid tourniquet reinforced with two famous tourniquets (CAT& SOFT-T). This is achieved through the use of metal reinforcement components. Thanks to the aluminum components and the special patented adhesive tape, the integrated structure and the telescopic platform, this unique tourniquet withstands double pressure and works successfully even in case of dirt, grease or oil, and it does not lose its effectiveness at very low high temperatures (-40 / +50).

The tourniquet has no impact on soft tissue when applied. In addition, it can be applied with one hand.


In the summer of 2015, independent consumers and experts (doctors, volunteers and military) conducted numerous tests on tourniquets made by the famous Ukrainian producers of that time. Based on the results of the tests, SICH-Tourniquet occupies the first place. Then it became the official tool for groups of soldiers of Ukrainian military forces, which are packed in accordance with NATO standards, as well as for groups of Ukrainian national guards and police.






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Specification of  tourniquet SICH

Color: black, orange

Weight: 118 g

Lenght: 5 x 80 cm


Product sold alone


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