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HARTMANN® Trauma Bandage
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Trauma Bandage Hartmann®

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TRAUMA BANDAGE is a sterile, single-use first-aid bandage for short-term treatment of all kinds of acute wounds in emergency situations.

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10 years of experience
on the ground


CE standards garanteed
Designed & made in Belgium


Product description


The Swiss Army Individual Compression Bandage is a highly compact, single-package bandage. It is indicated for contact management of serious hemorrhagic wounds, particularly in emergencies.

It can be applied with one hand, and features a loop that allows the injured limb to be retracted into the bandage (to prevent it from turning in a vacuum).

The loop can also be used as a biting strap for self application on the upper arm. Thanks to its 2-slot pressure applicator, the dressing is stable in rotation on the limb and stable when sliding towards the distal end of the limb. It allows pressure and counter-pressure to be balanced around the entire circumference of the limb or body

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Product details


  • Brand HARTMANN®
  • Made in Switzerland
  • Sterile and vacuum packaged.
  • Single use. 
  • Sterilized with X-Ray and is sterile (SAL 10-6) according to ISO 11137-1/-2.

  • Bandage:

    • Lenght 4,5 cm

    • Patch ZETUVIT 10 x 20 cm

    • Pressure device

    • CE marqued

    • Anti-unwinding device to prevent dragging on the floor

    • Color : green

  • Weight 74 gr

  • 10 x 7 x 2,5 cm 


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