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TMT tourniquet

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The TMT (Tactical Mechanical Tourniquet) is the widest tourniquet on the market at 5.71 centimeters, approved by the CO-TCCC and in use by the US Army.


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10 years of experience
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CE standards garanteed
Designed & made in Belgium


Description of the TMT (Tactical Mechanical Tourniquet):

The Tactical Mechanical Tourniquet (TMT) is a medical device designed to control masive bleeding from a limb and is currently the second tourniquet in use by the U.S. Army along with the popular CAT Gen7. It is Co-TCCC approved and this TMT tourniquet was developed at the request of the US Army to optimize the effect of tactical tourniquets used in theaters of operation.

The TMT tourniquet is a response to lessons learned on the battlefield where the US Army realized that it often took two tourniquets to stop a hemorrhage on the lower limbs. The TMT device is the widest tourniquet on the market at 5.71 centimeters, while competing tourniquets average less than 4 centimeters. 

This emergency device offers increased comfort thanks to its wider band, which allows for better occlusion at lower pressure without further harming the injured person.

Very fast to apply (less than 30 seconds), very effective, this tourniquet is a serious alternative to the legendary CAT tactical tourniquet









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Specifications :

  • weight :
    • 28 g
  • Dimensions:
    • H 11 cm x W 6 cm x E 4,50 (packed)
  • Manufacturer :
    • Combat Medical
    • made in USA
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