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A unique and versatile dressing that uses a non-latex elastic bandage. It can be used on yourself or on a victim, as a tourniquet or pressure bandage but allows for a multitude of other uses.



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Long presentation SWAT-T (Tourniquet)



The SWAT-T (Stretch, Wrap And Tuck Tourniquet) is an excellent tool.

Versatile it is a wide elastic band made WITHOUT latex It is a unique non-latex elastic band that fits around one extremity and tensions itself for hours of effective pressure.

Its name is an acronym that describes its use (Stretch, Wrap And Tuck) while the designs printed on the bandage indicate the appropriate pressure.


The SWAT-Tourniquet is a quick way to control bleeding from one extremity and allows for higher application in the groin and armpit than other tourniquets. Its ease of use is one of its greatest assets; operators can apply it or have it effectively applied in seconds with little prior training.

It can also be used as an occlusive dressing, a pressure dressing and as an elastic bandage.

The bandage has been applied thousands of times in both civilian and military settings and used in extreme temperatures from Antarctica to the Afghan deserts. Even after being immersed in boiling water, there has been no degradation in the strength of the SWAT-Tourniquet.

Used as a tourniquet: SWAT-T should be applied when bleeding is severe (arterial) and likely fatal. In most cases, tourniquets placed on patients for up to 2 hours have proven to be safe.

Although in some extreme (and rare) cases, the use of a tourniquet may result in loss of limb, this may be a necessary risk if the injured person is to be brought back alive.


Used as a pressure dressing : SWAT-T can and should be used as a pressure dressing - when bleeding is controlled or to stop secondary bleeding (venous or capillary). Place your sterile dressing (such as Gauze Kerlix, HH or Celox), then wrap the SWAT-T around the wound. You can then tuck in the end of the bandage or tape it with adhesive (duct tape, surgical tape...), this will keep the pressure on the wound (thus limiting parasite entry (preventing infection) and rebleeding). When used on an extremity, check for proper blood return by monitoring distal pulse and capillary recoloration time. Otherwise, you risk the complications associated with the use of all types of tourniquets. A pressure dressing should be left in place until definitive care can be accomplished.

Used as an elastic bandage : SWAT-T can and should be used as an elastic bandage. Use the bandage to hold a cool pack on a sprain or strain or to stabilize a twisted knee or ankle or to support a slung shoulder.


The bandage can also be used to loosely apply pressure to the chest or abdomen. This can help close and protect wounds in these areas, contain organ parts in cases of evisceration, or to help stabilize the pelvis following blunt pelvic trauma. The SWAT-T can be used as a splint to secure an injured limb to the body, or to the other leg, or to a rigid object for immobilization.




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Specifications SWAT-T (Tourniquet)

Colors : black, orange

Package dimensions: 10,5 x 6,5 x 1,2 cm

Dimensions 10 x 140 cm

Weight: 110 g


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